Clarify your business idea using business model canvas, lean canvas and hit the ground running
The objective of this app is to help entrepreneurs to create amazing products that people love. For that you can use a Business Model Canvas to refine your business idea. We also support Lean Canvas and a brand new App Canvas to plan the launch of your business mobile app. The models can be persisted in the phone and exportable to image in gallery for free BUSINESS MODEL CANVAS Supply chain: How your organization will fit in chain of value? What organizations will help you to deliver your product? Either buying your product, or by selling it. This section is key as it allows you focus in the thing you can add more value and outsource all the rest. Google example: Ad agencies, web sites, e-commerce Key Activities: What will be operations that your business will do to offer value to the client? Google example: Development of a search engine Key Resources: What do your business need to operate? Google example: Code, Servers, Electricity, Internet connections Value Proposition: What are the value that the client will get from your business? What are the problems your business is solving? What are the needs of the customer you are solving? Google example: Users will find what's needed faster. And the ad customers will be able to reach users when they search for topics related to their business Customer Relationships: How you will interact with your customer? Google example: by using the website, collecting metrics from search users, only the ad products have customer support Channels: How will your business reach your customers and partners? How will you deliver your products? Google example: Browser and accessing the url Customer Segments: Who are your clients? What are the personas that can be your customers? How big is your market? Google example: Internet users, Ad agencies Cost Structure: What are the costs caused by your activities? And how much your resources costs? How much costs your customer relationship? Google example: Servers, electricity, internet, useful products to attract users Revenue Streams: How will the customer pay for your services? Will pay by subscription? With which plans? Will pay by usage? How will the price be fixed or dynamic? Google example: Pay per ad view, pay per ad clicked APP CANVAS: Mobile Advantages: What is the problem you can solve in app that you couldn't possible solve in web? Google example: Search on the go Camera: It's very easy to use a smartphone camera. Is it useful to offer any camera functionality? Google example: Search by picture with google lens Microphone: Is it useful to use the microphone in your product? Google example: Search by speech, search by a music that you are listening App Integrations: Is it useful to integrate with other apps? For example to help people find your business on google maps, or on whatsapp. Google example: Search for an address redirect to the maps app Location: How will your improve the experience with location? Google example: Google maps showing restaurants nearby Attract Users: How will your app attract users? Google example: using in-app install banners in the website Offline: Where do you think your users use your app? Will they use the app while traveling? Google example: Google maps was delivered in offline mode to help travelers App Savings: Did you know that mobile apps can run SQL database and machine learning tensorflow models? If you have queries or models that take more than half a second to perform, can you delegate computing power to your customer devices? Google example: Google offline translate run the translation AI model directly in the user device In App Payments: Can your app benefit from a simple payment method like in app payments?